Perhaps you have heard the expression "environmentally friendly society" before? An environment-friendly society is a social form in which humans and nature coexist in harmony, and its core connotation is the coordinated and sustainable development of human production and consumption activities and the natural ecosystem. An environment-friendly society is composed of environment-friendly technologies, environment-friendly products, environment-friendly enterprises, environment-friendly industries, environment-friendly schools, and environment-friendly communities. It mainly includes: production and consumption methods that are beneficial to the environment; non-polluting or low-polluting technologies, processes and products; various development and construction activities that have no adverse impact on the environment and human health; productivity layout that conforms to ecological conditions; less pollution and low pollution Loss of industrial structure; sustainable development of green industry; social fashion and cultural atmosphere that everyone cares about the environment.

    With the development of the industrial revolution, human society has entered the industrial age, which has gradually transformed human production and manufacturing methods from whole manual production to mechanization. There has been a trend of replacing human and animal power with machines, and large-scale factory production has replaced manual production. Under such evolution, economic development has accelerated, social productivity is greatly improved, and people's material life has been enriched in the industrial age.

    But every coin has two sides, a litany of negative consequences comes with the industrial age. The excessive plundering of productive resources by human beings has resulted in the destruction of ecosystems, pollution of water, soil and atmosphere, and brought disasters such as sharp forest loss, climate warming, and ozone layer destruction. Therefore, in order to restore the youth of Our ‘Mother’ Earth, many environmentalists are committed to practicing the tenet of 'everyone is responsible for protecting the environment', and have been looking for an environmentally friendly lifestyle, even in their home decoration, such as use more environmentally friendly products.

    Everyone wants to decorate their home into a dream house, as well as the environmentalists. So, what kind of products can be used to minimize pollution?

    In my opinion, products with solar energy to emit light are more environmentally friendly than products that use electricity. The first reason is that the biggest feature of solar energy is that its energy is huge, inexhaustible and inexhaustible. There is no energy on earth that can compare with solar energy. The second reason is that solar energy is a renewable energy source and is a completely clean energy source that does not emit any polluting gases and harmful substances. Before the emergence of renewable energy, modern society mainly relied on thermal power generation, that is, by burning coal and other fuels to generate electricity, and thermal power generation will produce a large amount of carbon dioxide. When your home appliances are plugged in, they can have a detrimental effect on the environment to some extent. Secondly, home appliances that use electricity need to pay special attention to fire prevention. Every year, there are many cases of fire caused by improper use of home appliances.

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    What’s more, use rattan products instead of wood products. Rattan products are generally made of rattan or bamboo, and rattan or bamboo grows faster and grows faster than trees, because bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. Therefore, choosing rattan products as your home decoration products is more environmentally friendly than choosing trees to make your products.

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    In addition, choose to use ceiling fans instead of air conditioners. The ceiling fan does not use Freon for cooling, on the contrary, the air conditioner does, so use ceiling fans will not cause damage to the ozone layer.

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    Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment, not only for us, but also for our posterity. Let’s start with the small things around us. Even when using a home decor product, we should consider the environment. Use energy-saving and environmentally friendly home decoration products as much as possible, in this way, your home decoration will not go against the environment.