How to Choose Outdoor Post Lights and Buy?

    Outdoor Post lights beautify your house and ensure the safety and security of your guests and their families. Post lights are ideal for expanding your outdoor brightness beyond your porch to illuminate roads, walks, and landscaping. But with so many possibilities, it can be challenging to select the best outdoor post light, lamp post, or Outdoor Fence Post Light. Post lights are essential for improving the exterior look of your property. But how can you select a light that is useful and beautiful while also durable? In this article, we'll review the many types of outdoor lighting and propose some of our best designs to help you make an informed purchase.

What to Consider When Chossing Outdoor Post Lights?

    Post lights are often set on top of posts to illuminate sidewalks, parking lots, and outdoor living spaces. They come in various forms and sizes, from classic lamps to modern and futuristic designs. When choosing a post light or outdoor fence post light, there are a few key elements to consider:



Do you need waterproof light or damp-rated lights, and if so, what is the difference? Most outdoor lighting fixtures are approved for usage in wet environments. Wet-rated post lights are intended to endure direct contact with rain, snow, and other types of rainfall without failing or posing a safety risk. Damp-rated fixtures are designed for use in enclosed locations that do not have direct access to rain or moisture. Post-top lights usually require a wet rating since they are rarely covered. To address this issue, Square LED 16w Waterproof Black Modern Solar Post Caps Lights Pillar Light from Dazuma is ideally suited for use in an outside location.


When looking for post lights, make sure to seek a weather-resistant coating. A weather-resistant treatment on post-lights allows them to endure exposure to sunshine, wind, and other conditions that may cause staining or damage. Solar fence post lights can adjust to any conditions. It is a 5W light source with solid lighting and a warm mood. The eco-friendly material also allows for placement in your villa, yard, park, or garden.

3- Ease of installation

Outdoor Post lights should be flexible to install, especially if you're doing a DIY job. A simple installation technique guarantees that the post light is fitted accurately and rapidly, eliminating the need for expert installation.


Depending on your personal preferences, you may want to seek a post light with a sensor or multi-angle refraction. A timer allows you to program the post light to turn on and off at certain times. In contrast, a sensor detects when it is dark outside and automatically turns the light on. Devices can also be integrated into lamp posts with classic post-top lights. LED Waterproof Motion Sensor Light Control modern solar post lights from have all these capabilities.

Important Features To Consider

So you've agreed on a post light , but what's the best area to place it? Lamp posts can stand alone, whereas the fence post lights are installed on top of columns or other surfaces. When looking for a post light, consider the following:


The lamp post's height determines the amount of light coverage. Check the height of your residence and also consider the structures in your yard when determining the suitable height.


Outdoor Fence Post Lights come in a variety of styles, including conventional and modern. Select a style that compliments your home's architecture and your particular preferences.


Lamp posts can be composed of a variety of materials, including aluminum, glass,  steel, and cast iron. Assess the strength and maintenance needs for each material. If you're seeking for the best lamp post light material, the Vintage Ball Waterproof Aluminum European light is a great choice. This light is constructed of aluminum and glass and may be placed in any outdoor setting.


Choose between a landscape or a surface-mounted post light. Landscape lights are also a direct burial posts light are placed firmly in the ground, whereas surface-mounted posts are attached to a foundation or platform. Direct burial posts light rise up straighter and are less impacted by elements like wind.

Where to Place Post Light to Make Outdoor Beautiful?


    Installing an outdoor light is one of the most effective ways to improve the safety and appearance of your property. But where would be the most excellent spot to install it? A simple lamp post is the finest and easiest method to provide light to the exterior of your home. Lantern post lights may be set in almost any place and offer much-needed illumination to even the darkest regions of your yard. Fence post lights are also excellent additions to your daytime design, adding much-needed curb appeal.

    So, where is the greatest spot to install your new post light?

1- Post light for Pathways Ilumination

One of the most typical use of post light is to illuminate pathways, which include landscape walkways and pathways. These fixtures create a safe and well-lit pathway for people and cars, reducing accidents and improving the appearance of your environment. For example:

The Diamond-shaped LED Fence Post Lights or Vintage Pavilion Shape Black Retro Outdoor Light Post Lamp Pathway Lights are the perfect combination of elegance and practicality. This diamond-shaped fence post light is the ideal answer for route illumination, since it is made of die-cast aluminum that is resistant to rusting and delivers LED 8W/ 12W/ 18W/ 24W/ 30W. Its elegant form fits well with any outdoor scene, giving adequate lighting to assist you and enhance the safety and attractiveness of your surroundings.

2- Post light for Garden Lighting

The garden’s greenery is the perfect position that needs post lamps highlight its beauty at night. These landscape lighting bulbs provide a dramatic impression by shining soothing light on your garden fence,  plants, and statues. For example, the Silhouette Solar Outdoor Waterproof LED Post Light for Garden Fence is an energy-efficient outdoor lighting fixture that requires 110-240V. It has a modern and contemporary design with a garden fence tone, making it ideal for a garden’s greenery.

3- Post light for Driveway

Lamp post light may be placed anywhere, one of the most common spots is at the end of your garage.  This is also an excellent option to display your house number in a prominent, well-lit location, allowing visitors to easily locate your property. The proper lighting at driveway is ideal for the fall and winter, but it will also be useful in the summer months, particularly in the evening.

If your driveway is short,  you can set single post light at the end by your front door and if it is long then you can add at the end and one in the middle.

4- Post light for Walkway

If you need extra light for safety, install a lantern post light at the start of the walkway or in the entrance. This post lamp location is intended to be where most people will walk. If you have a pathway, place the post lamp near the beginning to make it easier to find.You can install a post in your lawn alongside the driveway where most people depart their cars. This is critical for guiding individuals in determining where to walk and identifying potential risks as a result of severe weather.

Top Outdoor Lights to Consider

We have listed down the best outdoor post lights and outdoor fence post lights for you to consider this year to make your property with valuable post lamp lighting set.

1- Square Frame Waterproof LED Modern Solar Post Caps Lights Fence Post Lights


The Square Frame Waterproof LED Modern Solar Post Light from dazuma is a high-quality outdoor lighting fixture that adds slick modern style, practicality and decorative value to your outdoor environments, providing enough illumination for outdoor locations that require strong lighting.

2- Round Glass Planets Design Waterproof Modern Outdoor Fence Post Lights


The Round Glass Waterproof Modern Outdoor Fence Post Lights are manufactured of thicker Die-cast Aluminum, ensuring durability and a brilliant, consistent light transmission. And the handcrafted lamp body surface texture of the fence post light is realistic and beautiful, and it can not only give brilliant illumination but also serve as a unique fence ornament. It covers the space Outdoor lighting with an IP54 waterproof construction may be operated routinely in wet and snowy conditions.

3- Retro Scenery Waterproof LED Black Vintage Solar Fence Post Lights


This black LED fence post lights add a modern and retro feel to your environment and are controlled remotely, making them more intelligent and energy-efficient. The frosted glass lampshade has a high light transmission, enhancing the light texture. Additionally, the Warm White Light (3000K) solar post caps lights can charge throughout the day and come on automatically at night, ensuring excellent charging efficiency and extended battery life.


1- How many lumens do I need for an outdoor postlight?

Landscape lighting: 50-300 lumens. Path lights emit 100-200 lumens. Landscape spotlights provide 120 lumens. Lamp posts output 120-180 lumens.

2- What wattage is suitable for outdoor lights?

The optimal wattage for outdoor wall lights is 40 watts or less. Up to 40 watts are sufficient for illuminating roads, garden beds, and other landscaped areas.

3- What is the Best place to buy post lights?

Dazuma is the best platform which offers free shipping and rapid delivery for outdoor post lights, as well as a 30-day return policy.