Outdoor deck lights are preferred for safe nighttime use. The deck area also covers steps and stairs, an attractive part that must be illuminated. You can adopt many different lighting styles with outstanding outdoor deck lights from Dazuma.us for a unique appearance. We will share some popular deck lights,  and also how they can make your outdoor beautiful.

Common Types of Deck Lighting

1- Stair & Step Lights

Steps and stairs lights  are intended to illuminate steps, deck planks, and walkways. They are easy to install directly on your outdoor deck area. They are ideal for larger decks and come in three different power options: solar, LED, and battery. Other waterproofing options like Round DC12V LED Waterproof Outdoor Step Lights and Deck Stair Lights are available.

2- Under-tread lights

The term "under-tread lighting" refers to a lighting system beneath the deck's steps. Under-tread lighting systems are frequently made up of LED lights, and many are equipped with a motion sensor for added convenience.

3- Rail Lights

Rail lights are consistently a popular option. Rail lights are created as LED strips and are reasonably easy to install on the deck. Most under-rail lights have a life span of about 50,000 hours, so you don't have to worry about replacing them frequently. They also offer even more illumination for your outdoor area.

4- Post Lights

Post lights can be found in single and multi-head configurations. Multi-head post lights illuminate a much more significant amount of space. They are also directly wired to your deck and are popular due to their longevity and weather resistance.  

What to Consider When Planning Step and Deck Lights?

1- Choosing IP Ratings

Choose the suitable IP rating to ensure the longevity and performance of stairs and deck lights in outdoor events. The IP rating represents the lights' resistance to substances and liquids. In areas exposed to water, dirt, or harsh weather, choose a higher IP grade, such as IP65 or IP66. This offers a strong seal that prevents water and dust intrusion. Consider your location's unique environmental problems when determining the best IP rating for outdoor step and deck lighting.

2- Choosing the Right Size

Right size is important to consider when choosing steps and stair lights or deck lights. Consider the measurements of your porch, stairs, or deck surfaces to ensure a good fit. Lights come in different sizes to fit the deck, mostly made of wood, vinyl, and metal. For instance, 4x4 wood posts measure 3 ½ x 3 ½ inches. While 4x4 vinyl stakes are real 4" x 4".  

Fixture Sizes:

  • Landscape design: 2, 2 ½, and 3 inches.
  • Wood to use: 3 ½ to 5 ½ inches
  • Composite: 4, 4 3/8, and 4 ½ inches.
  • Vinyl/PVC: 4, 5, and 6" inches

3- Choose Right Material

The material of your steps and deck lighting is essential in determining their lifetime, particularly in outdoor settings. Consider the weather conditions in your area, such as salt exposure near a beach or a saltwater pool. In the mist, locations use corrosion and rust-resistant materials like 316 marine-grade stainless steel, solid copper, or brass. For less corrosive environments, 304 stainless steel or aluminum may be appropriate. Choosing the proper material guarantees that your steps and deck lighting can withstand time and environmental conditions.

4- Right Voltage

12v 240v I prefer to choose 240v, which is easier to install and less expensive because fewer components are required to function; however, 240v is unsuitable for damp environments. Using 12v LED deck lights requires a low-voltage driver, which is an additional cost; however, you can usually obtain one driver large enough to power all outdoor deck lights. Overall, if you have the option, go with 240v lights.

What are the Best Colors to choose?

Remember that the LED Color Needs to match the garden wall lights. Build a contrast between your outdoor space color and lights, and don't mix warm and cool colors, which can be unattractive. Kelvin units are used to measure light color temperature. Higher-level ratings suggest cooler colors, and lower levels indicate warmer tones. Mostly, 3000k warm light is recommended for outdoor lighting. This is especially true if you install the lights in an entertainment space. Although, 6000k is generally used for security lights.

How to make your Outdoor Beautiful with Deck and Step lights?

1. Accent Lighting

Enhance the beauty of your deck with accent lighting that highlights its design. The Solar Deck Stair Lights is an excellent option for your space. These lights can be positioned along the sides of your deck to highlight its features. These lights make your way safe to walk and add a sense of class to your deck, making it stand out.

2. Pathway Illumination

Think about placing lights on your deck that look nice and assist you in finding your way. Round DC12V LED Waterproof Modern Outdoor Step Lights and Deck Stair Lights are ideal for this. Install them along your deck's walkways to provide soothing lighting. Consider a beautifully illuminated walkway winding through your garden or to the deck entry.

3. Boundary Lights:

Use edge-marking lights to make your deck safer and more appealing to the eye. Choose Copper Post Cap Lights for the corners of your deck railing. These lights not only prevent accidents by indicating where the borders are, but they also make your deck seem more likable. Your deck will look elegant while remaining well-lit and secure for you and your visitors.

Popular  Outdoor Deck and Steps Lights

The clients mostly recommended these popular lights due to their long lifespan, low voltage, and unique functionality.

1- Solar Deck Stair Lights LED Outdoor Step Lights

These LED lights may be used not only for deck steps but also to embellish landscaping, parks, gardens, villas, courtyard lawns, and other areas.This stair light does not require a mains connection, has no wiring connections, and the low voltage is safer. This outdoor light features a high-efficiency solar panel with a light control function. It charges during the day and turns on at night; sophisticated control adds ease to your life.


  • Made of Stainless Steel + PC
  • Output Open Circuit Voltage is 6V Output Maximum short-circuit current: 430 mA.
  • Output Power: 2.6 W.
  • Color Temperature: Warm White (3000K) and Neutral White (4000K).
  • It can Work for 16H Hours


2- Round DC12V LED Waterproof Mdern Outdoor Step Lights Deck Stair Lights

This step light is constructed of a strong, waterproof aluminum body that is smooth and robust with a delicate feel. This outdoor light features a low-power LED light source that is energy-efficient, durable, and bright. These decking lights are commonly utilized on stairs, decks, steps, fences, walls, gardens, and walkways. Aluminum outdoor lighting is exceptionally weatherproof and engineered to operate safely in most weather conditions.


  • Made of Aluminum, glass
  • Light Source: LED.
  • Voltage: DC12V or 110-220V.


1- Which lights are best for deck areas?

The best outdoor lighting options include string lights, LED deck lights, solar lights, recessed deck stair lighting, post lighting, railing lights, solar lights or chandeliers, lanterns, and candles.

2- What wattage should the deck lights be?

The optimal wattage for outdoor lights is 40 watts or less.

3- How do you measure deck lights?

To establish your fixture height, measure the height of the entryway and divide it (in inches) by 4: pendant and hanging lights.

4- How many outdoor step lights will I need?

A common rule of thumb is to position lights every 3-4 feet on each step on broader steps. However, it also varies on the width of your steps and the number of steps in each area.

5-Which light is best for stairs?

Wall sconce lights are ideal as stairwell wall lights because they bring flair and style to your staircase.

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