Is Outdoor Lighting Expensive?

 Outdoor lighting installation on your property can be done quickly to elevate your outdoor living area for a safe environment. The benefits of outdoor activities are undeniable, but intimate questions surround the mind of its costs. We know that decorating your outdoor landscape with lights is a tough decision. Unfortunately, some people only focus on the initial price when installing in outdoors projects and seek for a least expensive contractors, which leads to higher expenses and frequent maintenance and repairs. We aim to guide you with honest outdoor lighting cost information to help you budget as per your pocket.


1. Outdoor Lighting Installation and Pricing Guide

One of the first questions most homeowners ask is: How much does lighting cost for outdoor spaces? Here, the thing is, every project depends on the property size and its styling goals. We have explained the standard design features involved in a landscape lighting system.

  1. Column lighting
  2. Tree Lighting Installation
  3. Dormer Lighting
  4. Pathway Lighting
  5. Garden and Flower Lights
  6. Backyard lighting
  7. Deck Lights
  8. Multiple Control Zones
  9. Custom Fixtures
  10. Dimmers and Switches
  11. Wifi Based Options
  12. Step and Stair Lighting
  13. House number Lights
  14. Solar Lights
  15. Color Changin RGBW lights

These are multiple options that come from designing and installing a lighting project. Identify the options, check out the prices, and plan your process.

2. How much Does Outdoor Lighting system Cost?

The average cost of outdoor lighting installation for a complete setup is between $3000 and 20,000, depending on the size and styling. On the other hand, Solar light installation prices range from $200-$1600, and big box store prices differ. Its low voltage system, excluding installation, demands $695-$3600. Now, let's check out the cost of a professional outdoor lighting system comparing other outdoor lighting options.

1- Self-Install Solar (DIY)


This is a low-cost option and a temporary solution that runs around $25 each. The main pros of this installation are that it can be installed easily by anyone and is the least expensive option. If we see a disadvantage, these solar lights will only work for a short timeframe; usually, they need to be replaced every six months. Initially, its system will cost you about $250, and if you continue to spend on it for ten years, 5you could spend nearly $5000.

2- Self-Install Big Box Store (DIY)


This is another option that is more expensive than the solar light system. However, it is also straightforward to install and needs deep details. The average hard-wired fixture is nearly $50 per fixture, and a low-voltage transformer and timer system cost around $150. Whereas, 200$ is required for wire and connectors and the total cost is around $850 for ten lights. It is more flexible and works longer than solar lights but requires installation knowledge and time investment.


Note: It is recommended to hire a professional assistant to install the lights for proper lighting solutions tailored to your specific needs & budget.

Types of Outdoor Lights and their Cost?

Several outdoor light products are available in the market، today, making it challenging to choose the best one. The best way of doing so is to understand the light type and its traits while considering their costs.


  1. Path and Step Lights: These lights are designed to enhance the visibility of your property's stairs. Its cost depends on the brand, style and material, but it demands around $20-$200+ for the lightsfrom Dazuma. It is better to call professional installation, which costs you about $100 per hour.
  2. Floodlights: This light has a wide radius and can light up the entire driveways, porches and decks. You can expect to pay more for these, as they are designed to be more potent and have longevity. They mainly cost you from $40-$250+.
  3. Portable Lights:These lights are designed to be mobile and can be moved around for different events. Also, they have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. They are available for $350+; they also vary in pricing.

How much does an Outdoor Lighting Repair Cost?

Replacing an Outdoor Lighting system repair can cost you less than installing a new outdoor lighting system. Instead of hiring an electrician, you can consider a handyperson with electrical experience. The repair costs range from $40 to $100 per hour, with the electrician potentially completing the job more efficiently. Other cost factors depend on the location, handyman's expertise and fixture prices, which range from $30 to $500.

3. Do outside lights cost a lot of electricity?


In simple words, outdoor lights do not cost a lot of energy because of the use of LEDs rather than filament bulbs, which are less energy efficient. On the other hand, electricity consumption depends on the variety of bulbs. Landscaping lights use halogen bulbs and can cost much less. If you use LEDs, outdoor lights only cost a little electricity. Outdoor lights usually use LED bulbs.

On the other hand, traditional bulbs consume more energy compared to other options. Motion sensors, solar-powered timers, and solar-powered lights help to reduce electricity consumption. Good-quality material will consume less power than bad-quality bulbs.


How much does it cost to leave a porch light, garden light, or patio light on every night?


The Cost to install outdoor lighting depends on location but typically ranges from $50 to $500.


To calculate the cost of leaving a porch, garden, or patio light on all night, consider the following factors:

  • Type of Bulb: Old incandescent lights consume more energy than LED.
  • Wattage: Higher-wattage bulbs require more electricity, which leads to higher costs.
  • Electricity rate: Electricity rates depend on your location and unit cost.

Once you gather this information, follow the below steps:

  • Get to know the wattage of your outdoor bulb
  • Convert the wattage to kilowatts and then divide them by 1,000.
  • Multiply the kilowatts by the number of hours (12 hours per night)
  • Multiply the figure by your electricity rate to know the daily cost
  • Then, multiply the daily cost by the number of days in a month.

Here is the Cost comparison of the bulbs

  • Traditional Bulb: A 60-watt bulb used for 12 hours can cost around $2.16 monthly.
  • CFL: 14-watt CFL used for 12 hours costs $0.50 monthly.
  • LED: A 9-watt bulb used for 12 hours costs around $0.32 monthly.


Lighting installation costs?

Installation costs depend on the state you reside in but can cost you around $80-$120 per hour. The cost of ten lights through a professional lighting Company is between $3000 and $3500. The advantage of this is that the client will be presented with the best design solution for your home.

4.Why is outdoor lighting so expensive and Is outdoor lighting worth it?

While outdoor lighting may initially have a higher cost, it will pay off in terms of energy saving and enhancing property value and durability. Additionally, it is essential to consider long-term benefits and cost-saving lighting systems.

Here are some reasons, to clear you why the outdoor lighting is expensive:

  • Quality Material: Professional and high-end materials are made from weather-resistant materials such as brass, copper and other specific metals. These metals are more expensive than low-quality materials.
  • Design and Engineering: These lights involve organized engineering and design to build fixtures that provide quality illumination to your space.
  • Weather Resistance: Outdoor lighting fixtures can run better even in harsh weather such as rain, wind and extreme temperatures. Before buying, ensure the fixtures are weather resistant or not.
  • Installation Cost:Professional lighting system installation needs an experienced and skilled person. Hiring an outdoor lighting system may cost you more for the Thai project.
  • Specialized Features: Some modern outdoor lights have advanced features such as motion sensors, smart home integration and programmable lighting schedules. This feature required higher costs for more sophisticated technology.
  • More extended Warranties:Quality outdoor lights have longer warranties and customer support. These support demand upfront costs for better performance and durability.

5. Is outdoor lighting worth it?

Here are the four reasons why outdoor lighting may be worth the investment.


1- Safety: Outdoor Lighting increases safety by illuminating house corners, trees, walkways, stairs and other hazardous areas. This can help to prevent any accident and provide peace to homeowners during any event.

2- Security: Lighting your landscape spaces deter intruders, as they prefer to operate in darkness. Additionally, at the time of any threats, motion-activated lights can alert the homeowners and keep your spaces secure.

3- Increase Property Value: Landscape lighting enhances your home's beauty and increases property worth. Even a well-designed lighting system by a professional can yield a return on investment of up to 40% or more.

4- Save Energy: High-quality outdoor light fixtures will cost you more, but in return, they can run in the long term, saving on electricity bills.

6. Factors that Influence the Price of Outdoor Lighting


Another point that needs to be highlighted is which factors influence the cost of landscape lighting installation. These include:


  1. Outdoor Space Size: The more wide your outdoor space, the more wiring will be required, which increases the cost of lighting.
  2. Styling and Designing:Lighting design at multiple zones and custom features requires more labour and materials, which results in higher costs.
  3. Fixture Quality: Higher-quality fixtures have high price tags but offer longevity, durability and better performance.
  4. Professional Installation:Hiring a specialist to fix the installation will ensure proper set-up. The labour cost will depend on the work and the electrician's experience.

The Bottom Lines:

Hopefully, you get an answer about outdoor lighting costs after reading the thorough guidance. Landscape lighting cost depends on multiple factors. As discussed, increasing property value and enhancing security and safety is worthwhile. High-end quality light fixtures are more expensive but run for a long time, even in turbulent weather. Installing the lights by yourself can cost you less but results in a waste of time or sometimes left with an error. Hiring a professional to design and style you is always recommended and can benefit your space for years.



1- What is the average price of installing the outdoor light?

 Its price depends on the fixture type and complexity, but its average cost typically ranges from $75 to $200.

2- Can Light Installation Labor Cost?

Yes, installation labour costs depend on the electrician's experience and the project's complexity. It is advisable to consult the labour cost before hiring any professional.

3- Is it easy to install Outside Lights Myself?

Yes, you can install the light, but sometimes it becomes hard to fix complex installations. Hiring Professional lighting ensures proper wiring with safety and will guide you with multiple design options.

4- What is the Best type of outdoor light?

The best type of outdoor lighting is LED, which is widely used and preferred for its energy efficiency., longevity and versatility.

5- Is it expensive to leave your light on for a night.?

Leaving outside on for a whole light can cost you more bills. However, using LED lights can help minimize the cost.

6- How much does leaving a light for one day cost?

Firstly, it depends on the wattage of the bulb and electricity rates. However, it can cost you between 0.10$ and 0.50$ per day.

7- How Much does it cost to install LED Lights?

Installing LED lights can cost between $200 and $500 for a basic structure, depending on the fixture and installation complexity.

8- Are Solar Yard Lights Worth It?

Solar Landscape lights can save energy and are the best eco-friendly lighting solution.

9- What bulbs cut up to 75% of your electric energy bills?

LED bulbs can save up to 75% of your bill compared to traditional regular lights.