The oft-overlooked side table is an important part of the living space in your bedroom or living room. The best tables combine function with form, practicality with beauty. Here are some of the ways you can improve your home with side tables.

Use your end tables to mix things up a bit. If you've got light pine in your living room, consider treated dark ash wood end tables. Offset ebony iron furniture with the mellower tone of burlywood. There's a host of opportunities to improve your home with end tables.

When choosing a side table for your living room, try to keep the height of the table at a similar level to the sofa. Book ending your sofa with side tables is always a good look and achieves a pleasing symmetry. Dress the tables with a plant or ornament on each table-top to enliven their appearance. The possibilities to enhance the admittedly limited palette of an end table-top don't stop there. Showcase art, a photograph, a couple of drink coasters, or a small mirror. Just not all at once.

In your bedroom, follow the same-height rule with bedside tables too. Place end tables on either side of your double bed for a cozy, traditional vibe.

These drum-shaped end tables with drawers bring a novel twist to bedroom furniture. Here, traditional meets modernist, with an engaging combination of rich dark wood and quirky rounded shape. The storage space is useful, and the table-tops are perfect for keeping a book or magazine within easy reach. And the drum shape makes an interesting contrast to a blocky, rectangular bed.

Dark Wood Bedside Table with 2 Drawers Dresser for Bedroom Living Room

From a practical point of view, you'll need somewhere to stash your remotes and keys without running the risk of losing them in the living room, which is where the storage space comes in handy.

Within the room, there are possibilities for innovation. Remember the rule of three: furniture impresses when there's a trio of similar or identical pieces in the same space. Why not team up the two side tables with another drum-shaped end table near the front of your sofa? This time, the table is unlacquered and paler in color, bringing a rustic texture to the room. The ringed table-tops contrast pleasingly with the lined grain on the body of this burlywood-colored drum-shaped table.

Round Drum Shaped Farmhouse Pine Wood Coffee Table End Table

Attain balance in your living room with differing shapes and textures. End tables with prominent legs and a cabinet with a clean linear square-shaped design provide an arresting contrast to the soft, rounded bulk of a sofa. This end table in burlywood or brown is a good example.

The retro design of this end table will provide a stylish contrast to a modern sofa. The pulls on the table whimsically mimic the square-shaped cabinet. Generously proportioned legs with golden rounded feet further add to the table's old-fashioned charm. Match the color of the end table with the sofa. Too much variation and the result will be jarring rather than harmonious.

If you're on a limited budget, there's another reason to buy end tables. Buying two is usually cheaper than an expansive and expensive coffee table. In contrast to coffee tables, end tables are also neat and space-saving. And if you don't have much space in your living room, a coffee table can crowd the room unnecessarily.

Whilst we're talking space-saving, this C-shaped end table is one end table that won't take up too much room. It's ideal for a laptop or light meal and will fit neatly under your sofa. End table space-savers like this are usually blocky and rectangular. With its stylishly slanted design, this C-shaped end table subverts convention smartly.

Lamps and end tables are perfect together. If your end table is lower than average, there's a simple solution. Balance out the height of the table with a taller than average lamp. A traditional standing floor lamp, with a slender body and a flaring lampshade, will be ideal with an extendable table lamp that echoes the design of the floor lamp. If you have a thin base on your table lamp, display the lamp close to one of the corners. There's no logic to that, but it does look neater. Try it and you'll see. But don't confuse a tall lamp with a giant lamp. That will just overwhelm the table and generally play havoc with your living space.

A word of warning here: don't over-style an end table. There's rarely room for more than one object. Aesthetically, it's easy to make an end table look crowded if you overdo the presentation. Practically, if you're going to be using the table to put your drinks on, a table with a plant or ornament on will have less space, making it all the more likely that you'll knock your drink over. Not good unless you want to mess up your carpet. Additionally, leaving a few inches between the table and the sofa will help you to avoid drink spills.

That said, there is a rule-breaking exception to the above. If you have a lonesome-looking end table in an out of the way corner, a stack of three or four books will dress your table up nicely.

Here's an octagonal end table that offers intriguing possibilities for radically changing the look of your living room. Place three or four of these end tables around your living room. To enjoy drinks or a light meal with friends or family, put them together to create a large table to create a larger and stylistically intriguing whole.

Colored in nut brown and created in black walnut, this end table is attractively different. Vary the shapes in your living room whilst you maintain the color theme to create an intriguingly individual theme in your living room.

Small in size but big on personality, the end table has much to offer in terms of style, storage, and surface. And, regarding budget, size, material, and shape, when you've decided exactly what you're looking for, there's sure to be an end table to suit your home.

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