Whether you're spending time with the family, entertaining friends, or just enjoying some time on your own, your living room should be a place of enjoyment and relaxation. Finding the right lighting to enhance your environment can be a challenge. With versatile lighting, you can find the right light for every occasion. Here we'll ease the process for you with some cutting-edge concepts in living room lighting.

Ceiling Lights

As the primary source of light in your living room is usually from the ceiling it's important to make sure your ceiling lights are impressive; they're the major players in your living room lighting arrangement. The right light can influence the whole dynamic of your living room.

Smaller rooms benefit from just one or two lights. If you opt for spacing out two lights, why not try lighting that's a little bit different? These aesthetically compelling spring coiled lights will lift your living room out of the ordinary.

Here, the lights retain stylish audacity whilst complementing the black, white, and beige decor. The lampshade frames enable the cast of pleasing light and shade over your ceiling.

For an unorthodox pairing, try two adjacent lights with opposing colors; with these iron ceiling lights in black and white, the distinctive triangular patterned lampshades with their rich yellow interiors enable an effect that's uniform, yet contradictory.

They're bold and bright enough to light up your surroundings, whilst liberating your living room from spacing conventions. The neutral black and white colors stand out without dominating the space.

Larger rooms present an opportunity for themed ceiling lighting. Cut loose from convention by setting identical lights at different levels and introduce a playful dissonance to your living room. Here we see an arresting array of iron pendant ceiling lights.

If your living room has a high ceiling, cluster ceiling lights to create a chandelier style effect with an on-trend, modernist vibe.

Rather than clustering the lights in a room that is large, dot them across the ceiling for an even distribution of lighting. Hanging pendant lights usually come with only one or two fittings, enabling minimalism rather than being overly decorous.

Floor Lamps

A good floor lamp is more than just a light source. It's a statement, like a sculpture or a statue. Whether lit or unlit, a floor lamp should provoke attention without overwhelming your environment. Do you want a subtle addition to your decor, or are you after an intriguing conversation piece? Here are a few ideas to help you decide.

If you favor a traditional look in your living room, go retro with your floor lamp. This slender standing floor lamp benefits from dark finishing that rises from the lighter rounded brass base. It won't overwhelm your room and is equally at home whether the decor is low-key or lively.

Bold style statements work best in larger living rooms. In smaller spaces, you'll run the risk of overwhelming your surroundings with something too showy.

But if you're looking for a standout piece of furniture in a larger living room, this 5-light floor lamp could be just what you're looking for.

Echoing the design of a standing cooling fan, the lamp is undeniably striking and would be the center of attention in most living rooms. You'll eliminate the need for table lights; because this 5-light lamp is a powerful source of light too.

If you don't favor an old school floor lamp and want something assertive rather than dominant, this arc floor lamp is perfectly on-point. The lamp epitomizes modernist design, and we can't imagine a room that it wouldn't look good in.

Table Lamps

When you're putting so much consideration into your main living room lighting, it's easy to overlook the table lamp. They were out of fashion for some time, but thanks to some dazzling modern designs, table lamps are back in vogue. They go hand-in-hand with a minimalist living room vibe.

A table lamp should be an impressive style feature, whilst providing convenient light for reading books and magazines. The light from a table lamp flatters the human features and provides an intimate warm ambiance for the times when you prefer to illuminate your space with low-key lighting. Small matching table lamps also make an engaging choice for your living room decor.

If you favor a single large lamp in your living room, then this copper table lamp might be what you're looking for. With its adjustable body, it mimics the look of a floor lamp when fully extended. Establish a theme in your living room by pairing it with a similar floor lamp.


With this copper table lamp, the look is classically traditional. It blends rather than overwhelms.

Small matching table lamps in your living room don't need to fade into the background. Pair up a couple of these marble table lamps for stylish yet tasteful decor, or display one as a standalone lamp.

Subtle and adaptable marble brings timeless class to your living room. These lamps are also available in black and grey, making it easy to find a design that's perfect for your space.

Are you looking for a piece that's a real conversation stopper? This wood table lamp will fit the bill.

Here, the comparatively conventional tapered lampshade spotlights and accentuates the differing wood textures of the table lamp body. The effect is quirky and individualistic, whilst being simultaneously down to earth and rustic.

The Ideal Combination

The living room is where we spend the majority of time in our house. Good lighting protects us from tiredness and enhances our environment. The right task lighting means that we don't damage our eyes gaming, reading, or watching television. Tasteful and stylish lighting in our living space enhances our well-being and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

We hope that this article helps you to combine practicality with pleasing ambiance, and to create the living room lighting arrangement that's perfect for you. For more ideas on lighting and furnishing, please visit our main site.