The cozy glow of step lighting guiding your manner or the mild illumination of deck lighting framing your accumulating vicinity can create a paranormal atmosphere.


Join us as we resolve the complexities and problems surrounding step and deck lighting, equipping you with the understanding to light up your outside oasis seamlessly.

Deck Lights: Lift Outdoors with Ambiance, Style, and Safety

  • Deck lighting decorates outdoor areas with ambiance, style, and safety.They enhance the finishing touch and completion and boost asset value.
  • The features of solar deckand step lighting:
  • easy installation, 
  • long-lasting LED bulbs, 
  • rechargeable batteries, 
  • require sunlight.
  • Runtime depends on the season and location
  • Location and time of year can affect sunlight.

Deck Lights: Lift Outdoors with Ambiance, Style, and Safety

Stair Light Step Light for Stairs

Illuminate your stairs and corridors with our Stair Light Step Light, proposing integrated LED generation for green and handy lighting. Stair Step Light is designed to offer 35 lumens of mildness at the same time as incorporating a movement sensor that routinely turns the light off after 20 to 60 seconds of no detected movement. This flexible mild may be hooked up anywhere, making it best for stairs and passageways.

With its unified movement sensor, the guide resistor is unnecessary, making an allowance for seamless control of the mild. The sensor turns on the light while it detects movement up to fifteen feet away and avoids activation in daylight.

Our energy-green LEDs have an extended lifespan and require no replacement. The Almay Customized IC capacitor guarantees excessive sensitivity and stability, resulting in extensive energy and financial savings of over 90%. With its long-lasting creation and resistance to wear and corrosion, this awesome LED Stair Light is appropriate for outside use in numerous settings together, including houses, gardens, parks, patios, pathways, and fences.

Stair Light Step Light for Stairs

Why have my decking lights stopped working?

Check the power source:

Ensure lighting is related to electricity and look for tripped circuits or blown fuses.

Inspect individual light fixtures:

Check every mild for harm or wear and tear. If it is damaged, recall calling an expert for repairs.

Consider professional help:

Seek expert help if the whole thing appears okay, but the lights still don't work. A professional electrician can diagnose and solve the problem.

Check for Faulty Wiring:

Periodically, check outside electric connections for deterioration. A professional electrician can perceive and connect to any wiring issues, making sure your decking lighting paints again.

Strategic Placement of Step Lights:

Where do you put step lights on the deck?

When it involves adding step lighting to a deck, the location is essential in figuring out each capability and aesthetic. One key focus is to strategically roll the lighting alongside the steps to ensure protection and visibility, stopping any injuries or missteps. Placing the lighting at uniform periods on every stair riser can create a visually striking impact while additionally serving a sensible purpose.


  • Place lighting fixtures alongside stairs for protection and visibility.
  • Uniform periods on every stair riser for visible appeal. 
  • Perimeter lighting fixtures beautify visibility and spotlight architectural features.
  • Landscape lights integrate the deck with the outside space.

By cautiously thinking about how step lighting is positioned on a deck and incorporating it into the general lighting fixture design, you may increase both protection and aesthetic appeal. Whether it is specializing in the purposeful illumination of stairs or improving visible effects with perimeter and panorama lighting fixtures, strategic positioning will rework your deck into an inviting area for daytime and nighttime use.


Deck Light Worth and Placement:

Are deck lights worth it?

Outdoor LED deck lighting provides several advantages that make it a treasured investment. In addition to improving the protection of outdoor residing areas, those lights can also act as a deterrent to crook activity.

Furthermore, deck lights allow owners and experts to decorate the visible attraction of door areas and exhibit their precise layout preferences.

Deck Light Worth and Placement

How many deck lights per step?

Typically, a single deck mild is mounted at every step of a widespread, 4- to 5-foot huge staircase. For stairs wider than five feet, it is recommended to put in lighting. It isn't best for aesthetics, however;  it is for protection and to ensure good enough illumination throughout the complete staircase.


How do you position step lights?

You have the choice to place lighting both horizontally at the tread or vertically into the riser. While it is now no longer important to have a mild on each step, it is essential to area them out efficaciously to ensure a steady glow and dispose of any darkish areas. This applies to step lighting, deck lighting, stair light, and landscape lighting.


Is it viable to feature lighting for current steps, inclusive of concrete ones? 

With the best gear, like a drill, a diamond bit, and a little know-how, the solution is certainly yes! However, if this challenge appears past your talent level, it would be great to seek expert assistance. By enlisting professionals in this field, you can store time and recognition on different factors of your landscaping challenge. Upgrade your outdoor ambiance with a reliable low voltage transformer, ensuring seamless operation for your landscape lights.

 Another choice is to make use of deck lighting or region-directional lighting located on the perimeters of the steps or stairwell. Designing and putting in step lighting may be tough in phrases of time and cost. Therefore, we inspire you to reach out to us these days so that we can leverage our twenty years of light know-how to convert your landscape steps right into a lovely asset for years to come!


How far apart should step lights be placed?

Starting from there, calculate the space and set up a step mild for each 0.33 stair, or about 300–400 mm aside. If the desired step lighting has a narrow beam, reflect on the usage of extra lighting to ensure uniform illumination with the aid of mounting them on each 2nd stair.


How far apart do you put the deck lights?

When setting up lighting on your deck, it is necessary to determine how far apart they have to be. For the majority of the decks, the lighting is approximately 6–8 feet away from each other. It makes the deck appear high-quality and offers sufficient lighting. 

But when you have stairs, place the lighting closer, like 4-6 feet aside. It enables human beings to see the stairs higher and avoid tripping. Also, consider the distinctive degrees of your deck light and the way your lawn looks. Adjust the lighting to make the entire appearance suitable and safe. This way, your outside area can be quiet, and everybody can use it safely.

How far apart do you put the deck lights?

What height should outdoor step lights be mounted at?

When putting in outdoor step lighting, it is vital to position it at the proper height for protection and looks. Ideally, they would need to be around 12–18 inches above the steps. It offers sufficient mildness without being too bright. 

Consider the location in which you are placing the lighting. 

If it is for stairs to a deck, position them a little higher. 

For paths or low partitions in a garden, position them toward the ground. 

This way, the lighting can be secure and appear suitable for their surroundings. 

Expert solutions from Dazuma:

Is your deck lighting no longer working? 

Dazuma's top-notch lighting solutions can help! We have troubleshooting tips and smart lighting solutions to fix flickering and dim lights. Opt for Dazuma's Solar Pathway Lights for green dusk-activated brilliance; Step Lights with Motion Sensors for hands-free security, and Deck Post Cap Lights for elegant overhead illumination.

Follow our recommendations at the top and spacing to create a well-lit, safe, and visually attractive deck. Step into the mild and rework your outside area right into a radiant haven! Step into the glow and find Dazuma, your deck's new best friend for brightening up your evenings.