Our guide to outdoor post lights will assist you in choosing the appropriate outdoor lighting to enhance your outdoor space's style and safety. Outdoor post lights cannot only create a fantastic first impression and enhance your curb appeal but also serve as a critical outdoor security feature by illuminating potential hazards.

What to look for when choosing outdoor post lights

When searching for a post light that matches your style and meets your security requirements, there are several critical features to consider.

Weather-resistant casing

Your outdoor light must withstand harsh weather conditions to protect your home's electrical elements from damage. Choose a post light with a heavy-duty weatherproof casing that is resistant to dust, debris, and corrosive elements.

Easy installation

Select a post light that is simple and quick to install, with mounting hardware compatible with your post. Although you might need professional assistance to install gas or electric lamps, a solar-powered light requires no wiring and is ready to use once it is securely positioned.

Quality finishes

Post lights with luxurious metallic finishes such as bronze, copper, or die-cast aluminum offer style and durability. Likewise, hammered or beveled glass panels can add a touch of elegance to your post light while providing adequate brightness.

Timer or sensor

Integrating a timer or motion sensor into your post light can help you save energy. Use the timer function to switch the light on at sunset and off at sunrise, and don't forget to adjust it for daylight saving. Motion sensors are ideal for security applications as a sudden flash of light can deter potential intruders and illuminate your house for witnesses. Nonetheless, reflective surfaces may trigger them, so ensure you position your post light carefully.


Which type of outdoor post light is most suitable for my home?

Although outdoor post lights are an elegant addition to any outdoor space, not every style complements every home. It is essential to choose an outdoor post light that complements both the architecture of your property and the specific style you want to achieve. The following are the different types of outdoor post lights available in the market and which one may be suitable for your area.

Full Post Light

These outdoor post lights come with all the elements required to install a lamp post in your yard, including the head, base, and post.

  • They generally have the traditional cage head, and their installation does not require additional accessories.
  • They are suitable for anyone with enough grounds to place a post light and for those looking to opt for a prefabricated version that does not require any further customization.
  • They are the most common types of post lights and are an excellent choice for any home.

Pier Mount Light

A pier mount light is a shorter outdoor post light that comes with only the lantern head - the top part of the lamp - mounted on a small post designed to be fixed to a stone, wood, or brick pillar. They are frequently seen on gates and old-fashioned fences and are ideal for those looking for a way to light their property but have no clear ground on which to install one.

Lantern Head

If you're seeking an eclectic look and want to attach just the lantern part to a DIY or unconventional base, you can purchase the lantern head. However, please note that this is not an outdoor post light that you can simply purchase and install.

Additional accessories, such as a post and pier mount base may be required to achieve a custom look for your home. You can choose a post of your choice in the desired color and finish to achieve a custom appearance for your yard.

Also, a pier mount base that connects the light post to a stone base, or even a vertically mounted pier mount base that affixes to a wall instead of a post, can be found.

Common places for installing outdoor post lights

  • Main Entrance - Light up the main entryway both for security and to assist visitors in navigating the area after sundown. Methods like LED downlighting and floodlighting can be used to illuminate the entrance and any adjoining signage.
  • Gates - Install illumination at each gate or entrance to deter illegal entry. You can use spot or accent lights or opt for tall downlights positioned close to each entry point.
  • Windows - Windows can also serve as an entry point for burglars. Use accent lighting to illuminate windows or opt for a more sophisticated look by lighting up the entire façade.
  • Pathways - To avoid trip and fall hazards, light up walkways with ample lighting.
  • Driveways - Use path lights on either side of your driveway to define its limits and prevent vehicles from leaving the pavement in the dark.
  • Steps - Highlight stairways with special stair lights, illuminating both the tread and riser to avoid accidents.
  • Parking Lots - Parking lots are a common location for assaults to occur, so make sure to use bright LED parking lot lights to enhance safety.

We hope that the information and assistance we have provided has been helpful to you.


In conclusion, choosing the right outdoor post lights can not only add style and ambiance to your outdoor space but also enhance the safety of your home. With important features such as weather-resistant casing, easy installation, quality finishes, and integrated timers or sensors, you can create a welcoming environment while protecting your property.

By installing outdoor post lights at common areas such as main entrances, gates, windows, pathways, driveways, steps, and parking lots, you can also prevent accidents and deter potential intruders.