1. Introduction
  2. Why is Lighting important?
  3. How outdoor post lights increase safety
  4. More than increased safety
  5. Conclusion


LED lighting technology is commonly known for its energy-saving benefits. However, this innovative technology offers safety advantages far beyond traditional lighting methods. LED outdoor post lights not only enhance safety during installation and maintenance but also improve site safety through their performance features.

Why is Lighting important?

The safety and security of residents are crucial concerns in property development and management, particularly for property owners of rental properties. Installing LED outdoor lights is a practical upgrade that can significantly improve safety and establish robust security in the area. As a property manager, the safety and integrity of properties are of paramount importance. Lighting is a vital component of a comprehensive security system, elevating safety measures on the property.

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In reality, lighting is a key factor in property management for rental or commercial properties as it creates a different atmosphere during nighttime hours. It can either maintain the property's attractiveness or exponentially facilitate questionable activities that may trigger the need for a more forceful security system. As such, choosing optimal lighting solutions like LED outdoor post lights fulfill specific safety and security requirements.

How outdoor post lights increase safety

To avoid detection, criminals typically prefer dimly-lit and secluded areas as settings for their illegal activities. Conversely, optimal illumination can discourage criminal behavior from taking place. A study carried out by the New York City Police Department and the New York Housing Authority analyzed the correlation between crime rates at night and outdoor lighting. The survey showed that when new LED lighting was installed, crime rates experienced a significant reduction at housing developments. In contrast to crime rates that would have occurred in the absence of new lighting, housing authorities that received new luminance witnessed a considerable decrease in criminal activity.

The study's final analysis revealed that an augmentation in lighting led to an overall decline of seven percent in "index crimes," a group of serious criminal offenses that includes murder, robbery, and aggravated assault, in addition to certain property crimes like vandalism. Specifically, at night, the survey recorded a 39 percent drop in index crimes.

More than increased safety

A well-illuminated home functions well beyond its aesthetic and security capacity. It is also conducive to preventing accidents and liability concerns. For example, the increased visibility and guidance towards one's destination can ensure less probability of mishaps, such as trips, slips, or falls for guests or family members, which can occur in low-light conditions. By illuminating the perimeter of urban homes or businesses, it can significantly minimize the hazards of accidents and mitigate potential risks and liabilities.

With recent energy-efficient and cost-effective advancements in LED technology, outdoor post light systems can be operated with little power and low maintenance while still providing optimal, robust illumination for a home's driveway and walkway. Its design excellence is not compromised, with contemporary color options and superb lighting effects that can complement and accentuate any architectural style.

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The strategic installation of outdoor post lights presents a multifaceted advantage for homeowners as the illumination of pathways and driveways not only elevates the aesthetic allure of a home but concurrently, it augments its security by using its visibility to deter potential robbers.

One of the most effective methods of achieving ambient lighting is through the installation of outdoor post lights that emanate radiant luminescence to guide one's way home while greatly reducing the risk of untoward incidents such as stumbling or falling, particularly within staircases and rugose terrains. This feature is an integral consideration for elderly residents or visitors with physical limitations who require sufficient illumination to ensure their safety and aloofness from injury.

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