Pendant lights have been around for many decades and they are not going out of style. A pendant light is a light that dangles from the ceiling adding a certain stylish touch to the area around it. A vast variety of pendant lights are available that come in all different shapes and sizes. Below we will list the top 5 types of farmhouse style eco-friendly pendant lights in the year 2021.


Bamboo is an affordable and stylish material that is used in many different home appliances. The benefit of bamboo is that it is very strong yet very lightweight at the same time. On top of that their thin structure means that once you turn on the light they are illuminated into a light yellow design. In addition to this bamboo is a very malleable material that depending on how it is fashioned can come in very different looks and shapes.

Circular Diamond Open Shaped Bamboo Pendant Lights


Wicker is not a material in itself, it is actually a term used to describe a method of weaving that produces a unique style. Even if you do not know what wicker is, you have certainly seen it being incorporated in a wide range of items and furniture. It is an organic way to create very strong surfaces that will not easily come undone. Moreover, wicker is known for being rot resistant as well as resistant to bugs that may try to consume or damage it.

 3 Piece Set of Transparent Burlywood Wicker Pendant Lights


Rattan is an eco-friendly organic material made out of strands of a number of species of palm plants. It is an aesthetically pleasing material that has this naturally elegant look. The bendy nature of rattan allows it to be shaped and twisted into pretty much all shapes. Furthermore, because rattan originates from sunny and hot climates, it will not biodegrade if exposed to such conditions in your home. This also includes the heat emitted from the lightbulbs that you place inside of your rattan pendant light.

24'' Rustic Hat Shaped Rattan Pendant Light


Wood is a wide category that translates into a lot of different types of wood pendant lights. In this category, the pendant lights are not just woven but can also be carpeted to be one solid piece of wood. The beauty of wood is also in its recyclable nature. Despite there being a range of other natural materials for pendant lights once they get damaged it is more difficult to reuse them. On the other hand, wood can still be repurposed in a number of different ways. It is fair to note that on average wooden pendants will be much heavier, but at the same time also much stronger.

Handpicked Sticks Wooden Burlywood Colored Hanging Pendant Light

Japanese Paper

Japanese Paper known in its native tongue as 'washi' is a traditionally made type of paper that consists of a higher ratio of textile fabrics than your usual piece of paper. Due to this, it is primarily used for art and also home decoration. Every single piece of Japanese paper is made by hand using locally sourced materials. When someone talks about a pendant light made from Japanese paper what they are talking about is the shade.

Japanese Paper pendant light

The Japanese paper shade will be very delicate and can be one color with natural splodges that have occurred during the paper's creation. Yet patterns and drawings are also very common, with the Japanese paper having the ability to absorb rich colors amazingly.


You are spoiled for choice if you are looking for a more environmentally pendant light. In addition, you will not have to compromise on quality or style. The five materials that we have covered above have their own special characteristics to suit all farmhouse choices. Overall, if you are going for a more traditional farmhouse look then bamboo, wicker, rattan, and wood are favorable choices. On the other hand, if you are going for a more unorthodox farmhouse style then Japanese paper may just be what you are looking for.