What is ceiling light?

    Ceiling light is directly mounted on the ceiling for the general illumination of the room or a specific section. But there are many different types of ceiling lights, such as chandelier, pendant light, flush mount light, semi-flush mount light, directional and spot light. What is the difference between these types of ceiling lights, and what is the most suitable ceiling light fixture for different rooms? Please follow me to explore together!

    Chandelier light, evolved from candelabra and were invented during the medieval period., is a large decorative chandelier with branches with several bulbs or candles. Nowadays, chandelier is generally regarded as chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Take a look at a few pictures below to get a more intuitive feeling of modern chandeliers.

    After looking at these pictures, do you think the chandelier should be used in what room? Yep, it's the living room. Why? There are three reasons.

    1, The shape of the chandelier is large. Chandeliers are multi-bulb lighting tools, often large in shape, and are the best choice for a largeliving room.

    2, The appearance of the chandelier is exquisite. Chandeliers are elaborate, so when a chandelier is hung in the living room, it will make your living room look more beautiful. Installing a chandelier in the living room where you treatyour guests can often make a very good impression.

    3, The hanging position of the chandelier should be high enough. In addition to the height of the chandelier itself, the length of the hanging wire needs to be considered. It's not a problem for the living room with very high ceilings, and there is no need to worry about the whole room looking smallbecause of the installation of the chandelier.

  Pendant lights are ceiling light fixtures that are suspended from the ceiling with only a single light bulb incorporated into their fixture, usually suspended by a cord, chain, or metal rod. Usually a minimalist style prevails. In modern society, pendant lights are generally used for modern home decoration, so many people use it in all rooms at home. What’s more, it's recommended to install pendant lights in the living room, or if your other rooms have high enough ceilings, they won't be a big problem. For example, many people like to install a kitchen pendant lighting in the dining room and the kitchen, which is beautiful and does not take up space. Pendant lighting for kitchen island is very popular.

    Some people may have doubts, chandeliers and pendant lights are both ceiling lights that hanging from the ceiling, so what is the difference between them?

  1. The number of bulbs is different. ·

    Chandelier – Light suspended from the ceiling with multiple light bulbs incorporated into the single fixture.

    Pendant light – A light fixture that is suspended from the ceiling with only a single light bulb incorporated into its fixture.

  1. Different styles.

    Generally speaking, chandeliers are very ornate in shape and full of art. It is more used for display, so it is more common in the living room or more formal occasions. While a pendant light is very minimalist, but it doesn't mean it's unattractive. Now that lots of people are looking for a more minimalist style of home decor, simple, easy-to-clean pendant light fixtures are more appealing.

  1. Different purposes

    Chandeliers are mostly used for display and are ambient light sources, so when the light comes down, it can throw shadows on the corners of the room. As for pendant lights, they are smaller and more practical. There is absolutely no need to worry about the shadow of the chandelier.

    Flush mount light, typically a dome-shaped ceiling light fixture that's mounted so that it's embedded within and flush to the ceiling, satisfy your all needs with home decoration. While a semi-flush mount fixture is suspended, leaving a small gap between the ceiling and fixture.

    A flush mount naturally sits directly on the ceiling, while a semi-flush hangs down several inches, leaving airspace between the ceiling and the fixture. So it is very easy to distinguish the two kinds of flush mount ceiling lights. They are installed on top of the ceiling and do not take up much space, making ceiling lights flush mount ideal for installation on entry porches, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

    Directional lights and spot lights are the lighting used to draw attention to some objects. It's used to produce intense illumination in a well-defined area in stage, film, television, ballet, and opera production. It resembles a small searchlight but usually has shutters , an iris diaphragm, and adjustable lenses to shape the projected light. If you want to use it at home, it's not a bad idea. It is also a good choice to install in the living room or a large cloakroom.

    In general, there are many types of led ceiling lights, some are suitable for living rooms, some are used in kitchens, and some can be installed in any room. It’s suggested that you choose ceiling light fixtures according to the style of your room, as well as according to your own personal preferences.