Ceiling lights illuminate entire rooms and are an essential part of your home decor, so it's important to choose the right light and achieve the perfect ambiance in your living space. If you want a ceiling light that will brighten up your living room, without overwhelming it, choose a minimalist flat ceiling light like this one:

a minimalist flat ceiling light


Choose stepless or 3-step dimming, and you've got a lighting system that changes with your mood or activity at the push of a button. Dimming is a popular choice for all rooms, but they're most commonly used in living rooms. Here's an audaciously individualistic stepless dimming light that will enliven any home:

his LED light is enabled with 3-step dimming


LED lights are energy-efficient and offer better, more attractive lighting quality than traditional lights. They're versatile too; LED lights come in all shapes and sizes and the array of different lighting choices offer you multiple different shades of illumination to choose from. This LED light is enabled with 3-step dimming. The light is offset in mimicry of the sun and is the perfect showcase for the changes in light that 3-step dimming enables:


individualistic stepless dimming light
If your ceiling is above 8 feet in height, hanging ceiling lights are perfect. 7 feet is the ideal height for a ceiling lamp, so choose a flush or semi-flush ceiling light if your room is 7 feet high or less. These rules are for guidance only; if you want to play with the form, dot ceiling lights throughout a large room, and arrange them at slightly differing heights.


If your room is large and you're only planning for one light, choose a large ceiling light to maximize illumination. To get the size of your light right, measure the room first. For example, if the room is 14 feet by 16 feet, add the two numbers together, which in this case is 30, then the diameter of your ceiling light should be about 30 inches.

Is your home styled traditionally or contemporarily? Let the style of your ceiling light reflect your taste in home decor. Match metal-finished ceiling lights with the metal fitting in your room to create a uniform, pleasing ambiance. Balance out large items of furniture with a good-sized ceiling light.

accent lighting


Try not to cut corners on pricing if you can. The best ceiling lights are built to last, and a tasteful piece will showcase your decor and illuminate the room for years to come. Crystal chandelier lights are an investment that increases in value over time.

There are three main types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent. All are easily enabled with stepless dimming with ceiling lights; standardized lighting elsewhere in your home can provide the same types of light, but these pieces lack the versatility of stepless lighting. Layering different types of lighting in a room gives you a choice for lighting that is appropriate to every occasion.

Ambient or general lighting mimics the natural light that you see in the day coming through your window. It should be seen as the beginning of any lighting arrangement, not the end in itself.

Task lighting is the illumination you use for reading or studying. It's bright, well-defined and aids concentration as a result.

Accent lighting spotlights and emphasizes specific furniture in your home. So if you have a piece that takes pride of place in your living room, accent lighting is perfect.

Balance out large items of furniture with a good-sized ceiling light.


Color temperature allows for further variation in lighting choice and is measured by the Kelvin scale.Measuring 2,000K - 3,000K, warm white is a popular choice for living rooms and bedrooms. The pleasant, yellowish glow enables a warm, easygoing vibe.

Cool white light is bright and alive. It's a perfect accompaniment to a modern home with light decor. It measures between 3,100K and 4,500K. Cool white is ideal for task lighting.

Daylight lighting is bright and clear. It's not best suited to bedrooms and living rooms, because the effect can be quite overwhelming. Instead, use it in the bathroom, or where you're reading: the brightness of daylight lighting stimulates concentration and makes tasks easier. It measures 4,600K - 6,500K.

brightness of daylight lighting stimulates concentration and makes tasks easier

Ceiling lighting is a more complex topic than it might first appear to be. We hope that this guide helps you make the right choices in ceiling lights for your home.