The hottest season of a year has come, I believe that everyone must have a fan at home! There are two types of fans: ceiling fans and floor fans. Some people like floor fans because they think they are convenient to move and clean, while some people are fond of buying ceiling fans. Generally, people will choose ceiling fans instead of floor fans. Why? At low and constant speeds, ceiling fans move a high volume of air to circulate the whole room evenly and efficiently. Ceiling fans do a better job than floor fans overall even though they consume more electricity. Ceiling fans do a better job than floor fans overall even though they consume more electricity. So, ceiling fans are more effective in cooling a room than floor fans. I highly recommend everyone to install a ceiling fan at home. Ceiling fans can help create a draft, making the room feel cooler and allowing you to raise the thermostat. In hot summer, if you turn on the air conditioner at home all the time, it will not only increase your household electricity consumption greatly, but also it is contrary to the environmental protection actions advocated by modern society. Ceiling fans can help save four to eight percent on cooling costs when combined with an air conditioner on average. If you live in a climate where you can use fans instead of air conditioning on marginally hot days, then ceiling fans could be a very worthwhile investment.

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    What’s the benefits of ceiling fans?

1, Running ceiling fans regularly can make your home enjoy a steady breeze and distribute air around your home, which will keep your home comfortable and airy.

2, Ceiling fans are no longer the noisy devices like the past. With the continuous development of technology, the production of ceiling fans is becoming more and more intelligent. Lots of ceiling fans are equipped with remote control. For example, the ceiling fan I use in my house, I wouldn't even notice it was running if I didn’t feel it brings cool in my house, because it is a noiseless fan. And I can control it remotely if I am far away from the switch of turn on and off of the ceiling fan.

3, Ceiling fans are more friendly to the environment and can help you save the household energy use.

    However, there are many different types of ceiling fans, such as ceiling fans with lights, ceiling fans without lights, bladeless ceiling fans, ceiling fans with blades, etc. The question of “how to choose a good ceiling fan” comes following.

    As we all know, more and more people chase to use a ceiling fan with light if they tend to choose a ceiling fan for home decor, because a ceiling fan with light can not only make the room cool, but also can provide enough brightness for the room. ‘Kill two birds with one stone’, that’s it.

    If you ask me to recommend a ceiling fan, my first choice must be a bladeless ceiling fan with light. What’s bladeless ceiling fan? Does it mean the ceiling fan is without blades inside? Actually, bladeless fans, like other fans, use blades to move air , but the motors and small blades are hidden out of sight and work differently than traditional types of ceiling fans, so that it works more quiet than other ceiling fans. Bladeless ceiling fans with lights take up no space. On the market, most of the bladeless ceiling fans are basically flush mount ceiling fans, and it will not take up too much space in your rooms. What's more, the design of the bladeless ceiling fan is very minimalist. Since it is devoid of external blades, it is safer than a conventional ceiling or table fan as there is no fear of cutting yourself with it, which greatly reduces safety problems. In addition, bladeless ceiling fans are lighter in weight than other fans, making them easy to transport and install.

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    However, ceiling fans with rod are also very popular, especially for those who chase rustic style. In my opinion, it is suggested to install them in houses with high ceilings, as the height of the rod must be taken into account before purchasing. If the ceiling is not high enough to install a fan with a rod, it will make your room look crowded. Generally, this style of ceiling fans is suitable for large spaces, such as living rooms, restaurants, or halls. Ceiling fans with rods are suitable for outdoors, like your patio. Outdoor ceiling fans are not very popular, but if you want to install one, that will increase the decoration feel of your patio.

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    At Dazuma, we also created a separate category of ceiling fans for kid's rooms, because we believe that every kid wants a room full of fun and joy, every item in the room must conform to the children's style. They may be minimalist but colorful, or may be in various patterns. All in all, various style are here for your various needs.

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    These are some tips on how to choose a ceiling fan. But what type of ceiling fan to choose depends on the decoration style of your house, your daily needs, and your preferences. Come on, follow your heart.